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Which Commercial Roofing System Is Right for Your Denver Business

What an interesting Spring it has been in the Mile high City. We're about a month away from Summer and Denver has experienced the wettest Spring in about 70 years. With high winds and intense rain, we can expect a busy Hail season in the state of Colorado.

Here at New Line Roofing, we have decided to put together a list of commercial roofing systems that will suit new building owners and commercial real estate agents when deciding on what roof to add on their future or exisiting property. Here is our take on the four most common roofing systems our professional roofing company has installed in Colorado.

First up, we have what is known as an EPDM commercial roof. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer. Known for the various chemicals mixed together in various proportions. The diene monomers crosslink to provide resilience, flexibility, and durability making it unbeatable in terms of elasticity and resistance.

As a professional Denver roofing company, EPDM is by far one the best roofing options for your Denver business. Contrary to the archaic roof material, felt. Rubber roofing prevents moss and algae from growing on the roof, and its much easier to maintain and keep clean. An EPDM roof in Denver holds a lifespan of anywhere from 30 to 50 years. Many Denver commercial property owners don't know this, but rubber roofing is best suited for extreme Colorado conditions such as hail, wind, and dry heat. Installation on a Denver commercial roof might not be so simple. Obstacles such as chimneys or vents require the rubber to be cut, flashed tightly, and most importantly, the roofing systems requires a professional installation. Commercial Property Owners in Denver should not steer away from EPDM as the product is a lot more environmentally friendly than others, and has been certified by the BBA.

TPO roofing deserves a rebranding in our opinion. Typically a blend of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber, TPO stands for Thermoplastic polyolefin. Relatively inexpensive, and favored for its single-ply roofing membrane, TPO roofing has become one of the top choices for commercial buildings in Denver. New Line Roofing is one of the leading professionals in Denver, Colorado for their products proven performance and superior value. The curve appeal that attracts many commercial building owners is TPO's white color. White on commercial roofs is a great choice to reflect the sun's rays and provide a much cooler insulation to a buildings interior. Although a TPO roofing system might seem like a great economic choice, it may not be the longest lasting commercial roofing material. New Line Roofing has typically witnesses the lifespan of a TPO roof be anywhere from 10 to 20 years. In our professional opinion, if you are looking for a more cost efficient roof, then make sure to hire a contractor who will still be in business 3-5 years from installation. New Line Roofing will be able to honor their workmanship warranaty and help with the manufacturers warranty. Not to mention, the maintenance on your TPO roof will retain a history through our CRM. Add 20 -30 years to your Denver commercial roof system with a TPO commercial roof coating.

Let us tell you about what types of Denver commercial building use metal roofs. Because of their durability and versatility, metal roofs are often seen on industrial buildings. Lightweight, low maintenance, and can last up to 60 years, metal roofing systems are quite the catch to many building owners in Colorado. Although this all sounds great, there are quite a few disadvantages to having a metal roof on your property. Here's our take. Affordability becomes the main factor. Depending on what type of metal roof you'd like installed, costs go up for labor, but also 2 to 3 times as much for roofing materials. Our professionnal roofing company often gets the complaint that metal roofs are insanely noisy. Noise is due to expansion/contraction of the metal & its fasteners. If you're looking for curve appeal, then metal roofing systems are also, not for you. The inconsistency of color match makes it difficult to hide repairs and help keep your property looking up-to-date.

Polyvinyl Chloride commercial roofing systems best known as (PVC) has been on the market for over 40 years and has the strongest track record in the roofing market. PVC roofing is installed by heat welding the seams, as opposed to other membranes that require adhesive or utilize taped seam. New Line Roofing offers protection against chemicals, water leaks, UV rays and fire through PVC roofing. Because of the refelctive properties, our roofing company can also guarantee resistence to damage and discoloration from the sun's radiation.

How does PVC roofing stack against competing materials? Well, PVC is easier to repair than other roofing membranes. A PVC roof properly installed by a preofessional Denver commercial roofer can last approximately 30 years. With that being said, all products deterioate over time. PVC roofing in Colorado has a tendency to shrink, pulling the seams, lifting corners, basically leaving opportunity to cause leaks. Older PVC roofs are prone to shattering and punctures in the cold weather. Limitations do exist when a roofer makes a modification as a result of remodeling or storm damage, which can make it quite difficult to resolve. PVC is also looked to with some environmental disdain as they chemicals released are the most environmentally friendly. From a roofing professionals standpoint, we recommend PVC roofing in instances where most of the roof is under temperate climate and requires minimal access.

New Line Roofing is a Denver commercial contractor who has dealt with commercial property owners, local and national realty companies, property management groups, and business owners. As a service to the Denver community we offer free inspections of Denver commercial roofs, and a free estimate for the cost of repair. Our professional Denver roofing company is familair and licensed to roof all TPO, EPDM, PVC, and Metal roofing systems. For further questions or concerns feel free to contact our office line at (303) 222-7170.

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