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Flat Out, The Best


Your Partner for
All Commercial Roofing Needs.

At New Line Roofing, we specialize in all types of commercial roofing systems. We are a commercial roofing contractor with the experience and product knowledge to install a new flat roof and maintain it roof for years and years. Protect your assets and rest assured that your system is properly installed, repaired, and maintained by our certified roofing experts.

We offer a wide range of flat and commercial roofing services to accommodate property owners in the Denver area, whether you need services for a warehouse or a multi-family dwelling.

Our services include:

  • Roof Removal & Replacement

  • Apartment Reroof

  • Single-Ply Roofing

  • TPO Roofs

  • EPDM Roofs

  • PVC Roofs

  • Commercial Sloped Roofing – Shingles, Tile & Slate

  • Roof Removal & Replacement

  • Insulation & Tapered Insulation Systems

  • Drains & Scuppers for Water Evacuation

  • New Roof Installation

  • Roof Leak Investigation

  • Roof Repairs

  • Architectural Metals

Singly-Ply Roofing Systems We Offer

We’re experienced in working with a range of flat roofing materials, including TPO and PVC, which are energy-efficient single-ply membranes. They’re generally white in color although you may choose from other colors. The various parts of these roofing systems are hot-air welded together to create a perfectly seamed, monolithic and waterproof roofing system.

We also offer EPDM black rubber roofing, which is a “tried and true” system that’s been installed in commercial roofing applications for decades.


The system parts are hand measured, cut, trimmed and installed by our class leading professional roofers.

Our TPO, EPDM and PVC roofing systems are available for manufacturer No Dollar Limit Warranties.  That means there is no dollar limit to what the manufacturer will spend to repair leaks under the terms and conditions of their warranty.  Be confident that if a problem arises you are covered, for 10 to 20 years and possibly more.


White Commercial

Roofing Membranes

We focus on thermoplastic roofing membranes such as TPO roofs. The sheets are air-welded together to create a watertight, elastic and energy-efficient roof. Restaurants and other roofs that may be exposed to oils, chemicals or fats are an ideal match for PVC membranes. 


Black EPDM

Roofing Membrane

Black roofing membranes used to be the standard for flat roofing systems and are still commonly seen today. These rubber membranes are taped and glued together and can be a very cost-effective system.


Modified Roofing Membranes

Rolled roofing membranes are usually attached with a torch or are self-adhered. For instance, APP is torched to a primed roof substrate with a base sheet, and SBS is a self-adhered product that’s applied to a primed surface via the adhesive that’s already been pre-applied by the manufacturer.


Multi-Family Services

Preferred Contractors for Property Management Companies, HOA's, and Apartment Complexes around the Denver Metro Area.


New Line Roofing is Proud to be the Go-To Roofing Contractor for Multi-Family Housing in the Denver Area.

We’re fully licensed and insured, manufacturer trained and certified, and can provide manufacturer Dollar Limit warranties as requested or needed.

Our team is experienced at handling all multi-family roofing needs, and we work with a variety of roofing materials for your convenience. Year after year, property managers and apartment owners choose us to protect their investment and manage their roof’s lifecycle.

Making Life Easier for Apartment Owners & Property Managers

As a property owner or manager, you have a lot going on. When you work with New Line Roofing, your roof doesn’t have to be a concern.

Our team efficiently manages multi-family roofing needs, whether you need storm damage repair, a roof replacement or a customized maintenance plan to enhance the performance and lifespan of your roof. 

Since regular roof inspections and maintenance are key to getting the most out of your roof and protecting your assets, you can count on us to look after your best interests, whether we recommend a reroofing or less expensive repairs. Our honesty and professionalism support our mission of doing what’s right, not what’s easy. Our simple yet effective solutions ensure that your roof is protected for the seasons ahead!



Denver's #1 Roofing, Exterior Painting, and Gutter Company


Your Home is the Story of Who You Are, & What You Love.

At New Line Roofing, we proudly service all exterior services for even the smallest of home improvement projects. Our professional roofing company understands the importance of preserving your home investment and that is why we are devoted to providing you with top-tier service, steadfast results, & an aesthetic look you will be proud of.

Residential roof repair and replacement can turn chaotic. New Line Roofing will simplify the insurance claim process from beginning to end. Our Project Managers are your personal claim agent and they are there entirely to advocate on your behalf.  

Schedule a free estimate or inspection with a general contractor like New Line Roofing for all exterior home improvement services today! 
Call Us Today! - Button that is attached to our phone number (303) 222 -7170

Check out our list of services that we offer below:

  • Roof Removal & Replacement

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing

  • Tile Roofing

  • Wood Shake Roofing 

  • Flat Roofing 

  • Metal Roofing

  • Composite Roofing



Homeowners Insurance Claims Done Right


Storm and Hail Damage Roof Repair

When most people file claims against their homeowners' insurance policies, they are reimbursed for the actual cash value (ACV) of their damaged property. Sounds tricky, but we're here to help. 


We will meet with your insurance company to discuss what should be repaired or replaced.


Call us today if you have been affected by a recent storm and would like a free, no obligation inspection. 


Weather in Colorado can be quite unpredictable. When catastrophe hits, solicitors can seem like a nuisance. New Line Roofing is a professionally trained company ready to provide you with a Free Inspection and assess your damaged property. Here's how it works:

  • A Project Manager will conduct a Free Roof Inspection

  • If hail or wind damage is found, New Line Roofing will help you file a claim

  • As insurance claim experts, we will show up at your home to advocate on your behalf during the insurance adjustment

  • The insurance company will provide us with your insurance summary. Our roofing company will professionally supplement for coverage needed.

  • Production on your home will take place. We can assure you, we nail it every time.

  • Your Project Manager will conduct a final inspection & we will provide you with a 5 Year Workmanship Warranty. New Line Roofing - We Do What's Right, Not What's Easy!

  • Why is my check less than what the roof will cost?
    There are two main deductions from an adjusters estimate of what your roof will cost. The first is your deductible. The second is for depreciation.
  • What is Depreciation, RCV, Non-Recoverable Depreciation & ACV?
    RCV stands for Replacement Cost Value, which includes replacement cost coverage . RCV is the current retail cost to replace your damaged items. ACV is the Actual Cost Value. Cash value ACV coverage pays you what the property would be worth today. For example, assume a roof was installed 10 years ago with an expected 20 year life then damaged in a hail storm. The cost to replace the roof is $10,000. Then RCV would be 10,000 and the ACV would be $5,000 (10/20th of $10,000). The difference between the two, $5,000, is the depreciation which are additional funds you will receive when a new roof is installed. Generally depreciation is paid after you or your contractor submits a final invoice. If you do not know what kind of policy you have, contact your company and ask. Most homeowners have the RCV policy and the insurance company will pay for the replacement, minus your deductible. If you have an ACV policy, your premium is lower but you will only recieve a check for the ACV and you’ll have to pay out of pocket the deductible plus the difference between ACV and RCV which is called “Non-Recoverable Depreciation” on the claim document. Planning on buying a home in the future? We recommend you research a few different insurance quotes based on what suites you best.
  • Is the adjusters calculation of my replacement final when the adjuster is finished with the final paperwork?
    No, there are many factors that come into play in this process. It is common that your contractor and adjustor will need to reconcile a few items. Document collateral damages and we can help you replace an item or two.. You should never be concerned that your estimate from New Line Roofing is different than your adjuster’s. The main cost factor in a shingle is asphalt which is petroleum. With the volatile price of oil, shingle prices can change at times on monthly basis.
  • Bottom line, What is the cost to the home owner?
    It is always your deductible plus upgrades, if you the homeowner, chooses to upgrade.
  • What about code upgrades?
    Some policies allow for code required upgrades. You’ll need to ask your insurance carrier. If they do, be prepared to provide the code in writing to cover any additional costs. New Line Roofing can help you with all code related documentation.
  • I have shopped around and found a contractor that will do the job for less than what the adjuster has calculated. Can I use this saving to reduce my deductible?
    No. Your deductible always comes first. You only save your insurance company money by choosing a cheap/low cost contractor. When you submit an invoice that is lower than what the adjuster calculated, this will lower the amount of depreciation you will be paid. Do your home insurance claim a favor and hire a professional.
  • Some contractors say they will "Cover my deductible". How do they do this and is it proper?
    It is very improper to cover a deductible. Read more about this on our deductible page. A roofing contractor should not get involved in paying a deductible for a homeowner. It is illegal for a roofing contractor to offer to cover your deductible either in full or with coupon or advertising allowance (Colorado Revised Statute 18-13-119.5).
  • Is a sign allowance or referral fee given to me proper?
    It can be. Generally it is just a disguise for “covering a deductible”. To be legitimate, this fee must be the same if you buy a roof or not. Additionally, it will be reported as taxable income.
  • How long does it take to get the additional funds once I submit an invoice to my insurance carrier?
    Not long. Please be patient and understand that all trades need to be completed and the adjuster and the contractor have to come to an agreement on the final estimate before claim payment. Also you need to take into account if there is a mortgage company on your insurance, in which case this process can be time consuming but New Line Roofing is here to help with any questions you may have, or forms you may need.

Roof Leaks

One of the biggest threats to your home or commercial building is water damage, and water moving into the interior of a building from the roof can ruin everything in its path. Even if the damage isn’t immediately apparent, over time, a slow leak or a previous leak can compromise your structure through damage such as rot or mold.

Our roof repair experts can conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to determine if water damage is coming from the roof and what to do to fix the problem. Once we identify where the water is entering the building, we can then recommend the repairs necessary to get you back to pre loss conditions. 

Roof Maintenance

All roofing manufacturers require that homeowners or business owners maintain their roofs to ensure that the small problems that do happen are taken care of. These smaller issues can accumulate over time and turn into systematic and costly problems. 

At New Line Roofing, we work with residential and commercial clients to adequately maintain their roofs. With the proper maintenance, you can add years of life to your roof and prevent expensive repairs in the future. We will inspect your roof, provide you with an annual condition report and make necessary repairs. Our team can even determine which roofing issues are the manufacturer’s responsibility to cover and can help you get these issues fixed accordingly.

Roof Coatings

When you need to extend the lifespan of your roof, a roof coating could be an effective, smart and cost-effective solution. Our team can work with you to determine if a roof coating would benefit your particular roof. Your roof’s condition, surface preparation and ongoing maintenance are key to successful roof coatings and the overall life of your system. 

The following roofing materials can usually be coated:

  • Metal

  • Asphalt

  • TPO

  • PVC

  • EPDM

Corner of a Roof Gutter

Contact Us Today!

Get in touch with New Line Roofing today to schedule a complimentary inspection and estimate for your multi-family roofing needs at (303) 222-7170. You can also reach us through our contact form online. When you need a premier roofing contractor in the Denver area, you can count on us!

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