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Curb Appeal on a Budget

A Local Painter's Secrets for Your Home's Exterior

As local painters in the Denver area, we constantly get asked how homeowners can improve their home's look. Between you & I, its really quite simple. Paint your home's exterior with colors that unify its landscape. A successful scheme enhances architectural detail and excudes elegance. With that being said, here are a few secrets from us at New Line Roofing, local painters in Denver, Colorado on how to obtain instant curb appeal on a budget.

Homeowners neglect their roof more often than not. Roof systems shelter all other built details. In theory, the roof should be considered the icing on the cake. Make sure your roof is in great shape and looks handsome - that means no missing shingles.

As experienced Denver painters, consider choosing paint colors that harmonize between your roof shingle and the home's siding. For instance, if you have a warm-colored roof such as rusty tan or brick red, choose a warm color for the siding; such as brown, beige or tan. If the roof has a cool color such as slate gray or black, choose a similarly cool color like green, gray or blue.

Exterior paint color may vary with multi-colored shingles, so stand about 30-50 meters away from your property to see what color of the roof is dominant.

If painting your home's exterior isn't a viable option for you at the moment. Highlight focal points with shutters or flower boxes to make your current exterior paint color and windows standout. Our professional painting company added an image of window shutters above and were really pleased with the elegance that the black shutters added to the home's exterior paint color.

As professional painters in Denver. sometimes, less is more. Black flower boxes would have seemed too funeral and too dark on a window. Remember, the window is a focal point and should be a highlight. Instead we added these simple wooden flower boxes and allowed this Denver homeowner to get creative with the greenary. They have to keep them alive, afterall.

Now, let's talk landscape. There are plenty of color ideas in the landscaping surrounding your Colorado home. If there’re plenty of trees, an earthy palette of browns and greens would be appropriate. Local painting companies in Denver don't always attempt to revitalize your home's exterior look, they usually color match and collect a check. At New Line Roofing we do what's right, not what's easy.

Denver homeowners and local painting companies should look at neighboring homes for some colors ideas, but steer from copying the exact color scheme. Choose colors the set your home apart, but avoid too much contrast that might clash with the overall color scheme of your neighborhood.

In addition, well-tended and in proportion to the house, plantings provide shape and color to accentuate the architecture. One suggestion would be to incorporate the color used as your exterior pop of color with at least one of the items in your garden sharing the same shade.

Unpainted materials are important to consider in addition to the other more visible features of your home's exterior. Doors and front porches are the main entry ways for guests, and they should look welcoming. if you live in an older home, repainting a worn front door is an easy weekend refresh that'll score you major curb appeal points.

Denver painters often loath touching door paint ideas. As professional painters we recommend the use of a natural hue such as brown, black, or gray for a look that will withstand the test of time. Colorado weather will do almost everything to your home, and neutral colors will buy you time and money.

Afraid of committment? A door color is much cheaper than the paint job on your home's entire exterior, play with some color! A splash of orange, yellow, or lime green makes a bold statement on your front door.

Lastly, purchase the right paint. You'll thanks us later! Prevent the paint from fading and peeling by going with the bit more expensive option.

Now that you know a few of our secrets, I guess you don't need us anymore? Well, we're always here, ready to service Denver homeowners who have a vision and would like a professional painting company in the area to make their dream come true. Budgeting is our forte, and we can get the job done for a great price. Don't get tricked into painting your home in the Winter, temps are way too cold and you'll see your paint chip faster than you think.

Execute your pln for curb appeal in the Spring when weather is ideal and landscape is bright and thriving. It'll give you a reason to show it off to your friends and neighbors. Until next time!

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