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Commercial Roof Maintenance

What Flat Roofing Contractors in Denver Should Look For

You may be hard at work today, but the elements are working much harder. Commercial property managers and flat roofing companies in Denver, Colorado need to take into account that some degree of wear and tear is taking place on your commercial roof. We get it, roof mainetance isn't on every property manager's "to-do" list, but it'll extend your roofing system's service life.

Don't set yourself up for early roof failure. Nothing is worse than business interuption and the possibility for profit loss. You're protecting your property and its stakeholders.

New Line Roofing has put some tips for commercial property managers and flat roofing contractors in Denver, Colorado to battle the inconsistent weather that damages flat roofing systems specificially.

As a roofing company in Denver, Colorado, we'd like to suggest two key components to a successful roof inspection:

  • Regular and frequents commercial roof inspections

  • Regular responses to repairs made after those roof inspections

Commercial roofers in Denver should offer a comprehensive maintenance project, but not all roofers do. Ditch them, and go with a contractor who will conduct roof inspections twice a year, or before and after severe storms.

  • Roofing companies in Denver, Colorado should provide the property manager or commercial property owner with photographic, digital, and/or written documentation of the roof conditions.

  • If commercial roof repair is needed, then the licensed contractor will schedule roof repairs, and/or routine maintenance.

Develop a suitable plan to stay proactive; it'll help maximize service life.

You might not know this, but most roof manufacturing warranties hold the property owner responsible for its' maintenance.

Here are 10 Checklist Ideas for Proper Commercial Roof Maintenance. You'll thank us later.

  1. Check for signs of interior roof problems such as: water damage, mold, mildew, and/or water stains.

  2. Dirt and debris can cause early rot or premature decay of roofing surfaces. Very common in Colorado due to its high winds.

  3. Standing water, weathering, blistering, deep scratches are all instances in where you need to contact a commercial roofing company.

  4. Inspect for expansions joints, cuts, and tears.

  5. Make sure that flashings, roof edges and terminations are not pulling apart.

  6. Drains, gutters, and backed-up water can lead to standing water.

  7. Aging isn't just for us older cats, it happens on chimneys, vents, pipes, skylights, etc. Equipment is important for roof maintenance and its longevity.

  8. Anything that seems like it's sagging, missing, requires immediate attention and support.

  9. Safety signnage seems like a chore, but if someone were to get hurt, you'll be happy as a property manager or previous contractor that it was properly posted.

  10. Leave a list of repairs on your roof maintenance checklist for future inspectors. Don't be that person.

To sum up everything that has been stated so far. Give your commercial roof some much needed attention. Maintenance is the least you can do as a property owner or commercial roofing contractor in prolonging a roofing system's lifespan. Biannual roof inspections, and check lists will keep your commercial property up-to-date.

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