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What is a Roof Curb and Why is it Necessary?

Answering the question of what is a roof curb typically involves explaining that the curb is a type of framework that is designed to make it possible to successfully mount different types of equipment somewhere along a roofline. The exact design of the curb will vary, based on the type of construction or equipment that it supports, allowing for factors such as weight load, roof angle, and other considerations. After responding to the question of what is a roof curb, the necessity of a curb can easily be identified by the range of benefits that this type of structure provides with industrial as well as commercial buildings.

Provides a Level Platform for Installation

As part of understanding the response to the question of what is a roof curb, one of the more important aspects of a roof curb is that the structure provides a level location for different types of equipment, such as air conditioning units or exhaust fans. Mounting the equipment securely in position is much easier with the use of a curb, since the curb construction compensates for the slant of the roof itself. Once the curb is secure, then placing the equipment and securing it to the curb proper is a much easier task.

Helps to Absorb Vibrations

Part of the explanation of what is a roof curb involves understanding a little about machine vibration. A well-designed roof curb can absorb some of the vibrations created when the equipment is in operation. What this means is that the vibrating activity has less of an impact on the roof. Thanks to the curb, shingles are less likely to work out of position and the stress on supporting beams is kept to a minimum. The end result is that the roof remains strong and steady for a longer period of time.

Weight Distribution

The equipment that is mounted on a roof curb is usually very heavy. By making use of a platform curb, it is possible to even-out the distribution of that weight and create less stress for the roof supports. This benefit also helps to extend the life of the roof, and allow the structure to bear the additional weight more efficiently.

Structural Support

Answering the question of what is a roof curb also calls for addressing the support that the curb provides to the entire structure. Along with providing a secure area for mounting equipment on the roof, a roof curb can also be utilized to help strengthen the support for some sort of architectural addition to the space. For example, it is not unusual for a curb to be used when a skylight is installed as part of a roof renovation. The flashing of the curb helps to seal the area around the skylight frame, which means there is less potential for water to seep into the roof structure and eventually weaken the entire section.

The installation of a roof curb can occur when the roof is under construction, such as in the case of erecting a new commercial office building. At other times, the curb may be an element that is added later as part of a renovation project. With either scenario, it is possible to purchase prefabricated curbs that are ideal for certain types of applications. It is also possible to construct a customized curb at the actual building site, a solution that is often desirable when the dimensions or other characteristics of the curb must meet specific criteria in order to provide the highest level of service.

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